• FPGA-based drawing robot

    The design aims to liberate the human resources of children's drawing education, and design a robotic arm that can display, copy and repeat graphics in real time.

    11 ¥ 0.00
  • A robot performance system based on FPGA -- Shadow Art

    This work is based on Xilinx's Artix7 series of chips, using FPGA as the control center of the system to realize the robotic performance shadow play.

    81 ¥ 0.00
  • SOPC-based Design and Realization of a Video Chaotic Secure Communication System

    In the video chaotic secure communication systems, there are two kinds of hardware realization modes, embedded and non-embedded system. The embedded mode is mainly implemented on ARM or DSP-based platform, while the non-embedded mode is always implemented on FPGA-based platform.

    80 ¥ 0.00
  • Non-contact Venous Imaging Virtual Reality Glasses

    The non-contact venous display imaging system is mainly based on the infrared image acquisition. Combining visual information with image analysis and dynamic sensing technology, image enhancement provides users with more comfortable venous imaging services.

    16 ¥ 0.00
  • low-light image process

    21 ¥ 0.00
  • Assistant Rescue Robot

    This work focuses on assisting rescuers to explore unknown environments in the complex terrain of narrow space after the disaster, to build a two-dimensional map model, and to detect various data in the environment, to find survivors.

    22 ¥ 0.00
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