FPGA-based machine game Gomoku game


Li Yang , Liu Jiacheng, Zhou Yuqian

Nanjing Tech University



 Artificial intelligence is one of the most active research fields in recent years. Computer game is an important branch of artificial intelligence research. Most artificial intelligence uses chess games (such as chess, go, and gomoku) as examples to study computer game law, such as Google. AlphaGo is the choice to use Go. This design produced an FPGA-based Bluetooth pen remote control machine game Backgammon game.

Traditional computer game algorithms are generally implemented using CPU. In today's rapid development of game algorithms, the calculation efficiency of big data generated by game algorithms and the accuracy of game evaluation are two important factors affecting game-like games. Because the CPU using serial computing has inherent defects in computing speed, this design uses FPGA as the carrier of the algorithm, giving full play to the innate advantages of FPGA parallel computing, realizing the acceleration of the calculation process and improving the calculation efficiency and accuracy. degree.

Gomoku is a game that is popular among the public. Its rules are simple, varied, and very interesting and enjoyable. Chess games are entertaining and ingenious, and because their carriers are mostly mobile phones, computers and other mobile Internet devices, the phenomenon of low-headed people in modern society is more serious, which harms the health of young people (see Figure 1 below). At the same time, the mobile Internet device is limited by the number of I/O devices (such as a mouse), and it is impossible to realize the online game of the same screen for two people, which loses part of the fun and experience of the game. Therefore, inspired by the somatosensory game, we designed a remote-controlled Bluetooth pen and a corresponding cloud platform to provide users with excellent gaming experience such as double screen and double land.

The innovation point of this work is:

1.VGA interface display is different from the traditional Gobang game. Pixel style game style, various mouse styles, and highly visual game tips all break the limitations of traditional VGA games and create a new style of FPGA game design.


2.The game operation is converted into a wireless Bluetooth pen by a traditional mouse and other I/O devices, which makes up for the shortcomings of the mouse being unable to operate separately during the double battle, and optimizes the user's operation experience.


3.Added a synchronous cloud platform on traditional hardware games, which can realize online games for two different places, and to some extent, break the limitation of space to the game experience.


4.using Verilog to rewrite the game algorithm, using the innate advantages of FPGA parallel computing to accelerate the calculation process, improve the calculation efficiency and accuracy, and optimize the game experience.


5.In the cloud data transmission, the websocket technology enables the background to actively send data to the front end, avoiding polling the query data and causing excessive resource usage.

System Architecture



         Overall structure of the system





        Cloud platform architecture


Design Demonstration












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